Terms and conditions

In accordance with Articles 14 and 24 of the Law of 13 July 1992 the provisions of Articles 95 and 103 of the Decree of 15 June 1944, the application extends to booking hotel nights. It is stated that:


All reservations must be confirmed by a deposit of 25% of the estimated amount of the stay, which will be deducted from the invoice of their stay.

Cancellation and modification of vacations

Annualtion any telephone must be confirmed by letter before the start of stay (date of postmark).

Will be retained for the stay:

folder resort fee is € 23.00 TTC if you cancel more than 30 days before the date of arrival.
25% of the total stay if you cancel between 29 and 15 days before the date of arrival.
75% of the total stay if you cancel between 14 and 3 days before the date of arrival.
the total amount of the stay if you cancel less than 3 days before the date of arrival.

Shortened stay:

For any interruption of stay unreported to 3 days before departure date, the value of one night will be charged by the hotel as compensation.

Provision and release of the rooms:

The day of arrival, studios or split-are available from 14 hours and must be released no later than 12 hours.

These apartments will be occupied “prudent man”.

The day of departure studios and split-level will be made in a clean state.

The inventory checked, any damaged or missing object will be your responsibility and the costs of rehabilitation of places if necessary.

A key collection, after checking the inventory, deposit will be returned.

If required if the guarantor proved insufficient, it would be asked to perfect.

If you were to leave the studio or apartment without leaving clean you will be charged € 40.00 TTC to perform the household.


Pets are not accepted in the hotel.


Any claim for a stay must be sent by registered letter.

Condition of occupancy of an apartment in the month

An agreement is established at the entrance determining the length of stay. A deposit check uncashed worth a month is requested and returned on departure if there are no outstanding payments, if no degradation of the furniture and equipment is observed (state of places established at the entrance). An invoice is issued earlier this month, payable in advance.

Tél : 01 45 11 11 77 Fax : 01 45 11 11 99 email : contact@studio7hotel.com

Studio 7 Hotel – 7 rue Ariside Briand 94100 Saint Maur des Fossés

Sarl E.C.I au capital de 38.112,25 Euros R.C.S. Créteil B 384 107 504

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